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                2018-11-20 The wide application of spiral ducts is the inevitable result of indus

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                Use of air-conditioning spiral duct

                1 pair of spiral duct strength requirements can be appropriately reduced

                When the central air conditioner is used, such as shopping malls and office buildings, it is often possible to encounter a large space, so the spiral duct is required to have high strength. The span of household central air conditioners is generally small, usually less than 4 m, which makes the requirements for the strength of the spiral ducts appropriately reduced. In addition, the ventilation of the central air-conditioning spiral duct system is relatively small, and the required diameter of the spiral air duct is relatively small, which can also appropriately reduce the strength requirement of the spiral duct material.

                2 the requirements for noise are relatively high

                Household central air conditioners are mainly used in residential environments, so the requirements for beret noise are relatively high. According to the requirements of the "People's Republic of China Residential Design Code", the allowable noise in the residential bedroom and living room (hall) should be less than or equal to 50 decibels, and the nighttime should be less than or equal to 40 decibels. The external pressure of the spiral duct machine is generally about 80~250Pa, and the noise is relatively large. This requires that the spiral air duct system of the central air conditioner of the home is equipped with a muffler or has a good sound absorption function.

                3, the air duct processing requirements are convenient

                The central air-conditioning spiral duct system has a small amount of processing, but has many specifications, so it can only be processed on site. Since the construction site of the home central air-conditioning spiral duct is generally small and has many construction points, it is not suitable for large-scale machine equipment.

                4, the problem of layer height is more prominent

                Generally, central air-conditioning is used in public places such as shopping malls, cinemas, office buildings, etc. The height of these places is generally high, so the problem of layer height is not obvious, and basically meets the needs of installation, use and maintenance of central air-conditioning duct systems. . However, for home central air conditioners, since it is used in many places, the floor height is less than 3 m, generally about 2.8 m, which requires that the spiral ducts it configures should occupy as little space as possible.

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