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                How the oil mist purifier works

                The oil mist purifier is a collection device used in machining to cool the workpiece with a coolant to generate smoke. The equipment is small in size and the collection efficiency is over 95%. It can be applied to the collection of various oil mist/smoke in mechanical processing. deal with.

                The oil mist purifier uses mechanical separation and electrostatic deposition techniques. Mechanical separation is the use of oil-containing gas to collide with a special baffle filter or to sharply change the direction of the gas flow. The inertial force is used to separate and capture the oil and gas, and the large particle oil droplets or water droplets entering the oil-containing gas of the purification device are filtered. For the oil removal of the electrostatic field of the oil mist purification equipment, it can remove coarse dust of 5-20um or more. The electrostatic deposition technology is a device for collecting oil mist by using electric power, which involves corona discharge, gas ionization and oil mist. The operation principle of the oil mist purification equipment is the process of oil particle mist charging, trapping and trapping, oil mist removal, etc. In the electric field box in the oil mist purification equipment, the two curvature radii greatly differ greatly. On the metal anode and cathode, high-voltage direct current is used to maintain an electrostatic field between the two poles to ionize the gas. The electrons, anions or cations generated after the gas is ionized adhere to the oil mist particles passing through the electric field to make the oil mist. When the dust particles are charged, the charged oil mist particles move to the opposite polarity electrode under the action of the electric field force, thereby depositing on the dust collecting electrode, condensing into oil droplets and water droplets, thereby making the oil Water and gas separation. The emulsion and moisture adhering to the dust collecting electrode plate are applied by gravity to the oil collecting tank at the lower portion of the oil mist purifying device.

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