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                What are the main types of oil mist purifiers?

                Oil mist purifiers are generally divided into four categories:

                1. Mechanical: Collect the mist generated by other devices by effectively combining the filters and using a high-performance filter. Improve the workshop environment.

                2. Electrostatic: A more electrostatic secondary field allows tiny particles to enter a strong electric field with a positive electric field. When the spotted particles reach the electric field between the purifier collection trays, the particles are attracted by the attraction of the metal disc. Thereby achieving the role of purification. The diameter of the separated particles can be as small as 0.01 microns.

                3. Ion type: uses high-voltage discharge to ionize atoms in the air to generate ions. Ions can be adsorbed on walls, floors, and fabric surfaces. It can therefore be collected by an ion collecting device.

                4. Hybrid type: three kinds of suction methods: mechanical, electrostatic and ionic, and two or more types can be mixed.

                Oil mist purifiers mainly have the above four classifications, and these classifications are also provided according to the specific needs of environmental sites. Basically, it can meet the needs of the oil mist treatment and environmental protection industry.

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